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An alternative to wearing glasses is to wear contact lenses. These lenses are tiny plastic discs, which are placed on the eye and serve the same purpose as glasses, by artificially improving the eyesight of the individual.

Contact lenses can help to rectify both long and short-sightedness and also offer practical solutions to those that enjoy playing contact sports, or for those who prefer not to wear spectacles for aesthetic reasons.

Your eyes will need to be examined and then, if appropriate, contact lenses will need to be fitted by the optician. They will also provide important advice and guidance on how to fit lenses, remove them and how to safely store them.

Believe it or not there is a vast array of lenses available and they come in a host of shapes and sizes. A member of Brittain’s optometry team can advise on which type of lens will suit you best, depending on your prescription, size and dimensions of your eye.

Brittains’ expert team of opticians can also offer guidance on the type of contact lens worn, for example different lenses vary in the duration of time for which they can safely be used. Single use contact lenses are only worn once and then must be disposed of after use. Fortnightly and monthly wear lenses are worn for the appropriate time-frame.

We aim to offer the best solutions to meet the client's vision requirements, and the condition of their eyes. We will fit an extensive range of contact lenses to achieve our goal of providing expert eye-care at economical rates.

To see more about various types of contact lenses then click Contact Lens Video

“My family have grown up utilising the services of Brittain Opticians. I take their progressive approach and level of expertise for granted. What makes the service worth going back for is the empathy with the client.

Whether it’s confused granny, needing a cataract op or dozy daughter needing lenses posting to university. Brittain make it happen. I couldn’t recommend them more highly. And just for the record, I love my new ‘weekly’ contact lenses, and not having to find my specs!”

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