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This Saturday we have managed to persuade some of our favourite suppliers to fill our shelves with even more sunglasses than we've ever had before at Brittains.

Making the right selection can sometimes be difficult. Choosing the essential pair of shades to complete that summer look can be daunting.

So to help you along, our experts will be on hand to help you find the frame and lenses that will be just right for you. Whether it be non-prescription or that first pair of prescription sunnies, we have you covered.

Come along this Saturday 14th May between 9-4 to pick your next new fabulous pair of sunnies.

See you Saturday


P.S. Need more information? Give us a call on 0121 427 1007

P.P.S. See below for some information about the different brands that will be available on the day

  • "The team at Brittain’s have taken care of my vision for longer than I care to mention. They take the time to make sure you have just the thing to correct your vision be it contact lenses in my case. Matt recommended the best monthly contacts for me and they have been great, for me not having to worry about my lenses, knowing they are healthy, comfortable and give good vision.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Brittains, in fact I have just sent my friend to get his vision sorted and will recommend them again soon."

The High Tech Ones (by Maui Jim)

Probably the worlds best lenses, massive guarantees, the best looking prescription sunglasses. Their amazing range of styles means there is always the perfect pair, just for you. Here is their online catalogue to whet your appetite.


The Icons (by RayBan)

Ray-Ban is the sunglasses brand. From Hollywood 'A' listers to sporting heroes, everyone has seen their classic designs and Brittain Opticians have plenty of styles just sitting on the shelves waiting for you.

Take in the summer in style in a classic Ray-Ban - there's the ever present Aviator as worn by Tom Cruise in Top Gun, classic 1950's Wayfarers, worn by everyone from the Blues Brothers to Rihanna and not forgetting the timeless Clubmaster, this frame first gained popularity in the 1950's and 1960's and has enjoyed a renaissance thanks to programs like Mad Men and Heroes.


The Wooden Ones (by Feb31st)

An Italian design house with an undeniably cool name, Feb31st hand make all their frames and somewhat brilliantly, also make baseball bats for American Major League Baseball. Rather than painted on, the wood is stained, so they’re the colour you see throughout, rather than simply an exterior layer of colour. You can pick any colour combination you want, made to order and sandwiched, for want of a much better word, together. Super light weight, you can get them engraved too.


The Sci-Fi Ones (Mylon by Mykita)

Speaking of light weight, these specs could float away, given a decent breeze. Having invented a production process not dissimilar to 3D printing, Selective Laser Sintering enables the creation of objects in every possible geometrical configuration. Layer-by-layer a super-fine polyamide powder is turned into three-dimensional objects - in this case very cool frames. Ballbearings are involved but quite how stretches our understanding.

This video here might assist, but probably not. Pop in on the day and ask Matt -he gets it.


The Pan-Continent Ones (by Ørgreen)

Denmark's cool and Japan's cool, that's the bottom line. So glasses designed in Denmark and made by hand in Japan are always going to look good. Made of titanium with sculptural shapes and flowing lines in two-tone designs, Ørgreen eye wear is one of the most innovative and successful optical brands today. If timelessness is what you're after then Ørgreen are the box-ticking specs for you. With a colouring process that consists of more than 15 individual steps, every pair is exquisitely composed in an array of opposites, from strong to fragile, intense to tranquil, raw to refined, sweet to serious and audacious to understated.


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